What We Do

A workshop on the 'Needs of Asian MKs''Since the conception of the Asian MK Network in September 2011, our network has been involved in the gathering of Asian MKs and curating of resources on the premise that (1) Asian MKs are unique, and (2) MKs are best suited to minister to other MKs in their home country.



2011 September Asian MK/TCK Planning Forum, Singapore
2012 April First Asian MK Gathering, Chiang Mai
2012 April Shared Asian MK statements at the Global Member Care Conference, Chiang Mai
2013 May Publication of Asian MK stories: Rice, Noodles, Bread or Chapatti?
2014 January Annual Core Team Meeting, Bangkok
2014 April Second Asian MK Gathering, New Delhi
2015 April Annual Core Team Meeting, Kuala Lumpur
2015 April Asian TCK Workshop presentation at the Asian Member Care Conference, Penang

2016 September      Third Asian MK Gathering, Kuala Lumpur

2017 November       Resource persons at MK Summit, Seoul


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