Second Asian MK Consultancy, New Delhi

Asian MK Consultancy 2014The Asian MK Network hosted the second Asian MK Consultancy in New Delhi, India, from 14-17 April, 2014. The purpose of having the 2014 Consultancy in India was to strengthen and support the MK ministry in India. We had 17 MKs and 3 MK Care Givers representing 4 countries – India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Philippines. The gathering talked about MK care in other Asian countries while focusing for a whole day on the needs of MKs in India and the drafting an Action plan.

The Indian MK Network, through this meeting, was able to expand its reach to include more MK involvement in care for Indian MKs whilst increasing collaboration with mission agencies.

We also continued to discuss and explore possible action plans to further the growth of the Asian MK Network by re-examining the eight areas of MK needs from the 2011 Asian MK/TCK Planning Forum in Singapore. We chose to specially work on aspects of Spiritual and Church Life, Asian MK/TCK Camps/Consultations, and Holistic View of Ministry. The action plans include the following:

– Developing an Asian MK Devotional put together by older MKs,

– Continuing to gather Asian MKs together in alternative years,

– Putting together resources to help MKs start their own local networks, and

– Finding opportunities in wider member care and agency conferences to share our experiences.

We believe that this meeting was crucial in expanding Indian MK Care as well as building upon the resources and momentum in the wider Asian MK Community. We believe that recognising these needs and implementing these action plans will further build upon the objectives of the Asian MK Network.