The Asian MK Network has started compiling research, publication and writing to articulate and raise awareness of the uniqueness of Asian MKs, the issues faced by them and the resources available to them.

Rice, Noodles, Bread & ChapatiRice, Noodles, Bread or Chapati

“Rice, Noodles, Bread or Chapati” is the title of a book about seventeen MKs from eight Asian countries sharing their challenges and blessings of being third culture kids (TCKs).

Contact us for cost and ordering information.

31Asian MK Devotional

An illustrated 31 Day devotional compiled from the personal experiences of Asian MKs to encourage young teenage Asian MKs in strengthening their faith and daily walk with God.



– Distinctiveness of Asian MKs

– Preparation for successful pre-field, on-field and re-entry

– What churches, mission organisations and education personnel need to know about care for Asian MKs

– Needs of Asian MKs

Contact us for more details.


1 thought on “Resources

  1. Hi dear Momin, so good to have met you here at AMCN!
    I am so excited about your passion and commitment to se TCKs thrive! I am with you in this godly desire!
    I am looking for the Asian MK statement. Could you advise me how I can get hold of the Asian MK statement? Thanks! Hanni


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