Who We Are

made in asiaVISION

We are a network of Asian MKs who seek to support fellow Asian MKs to live life to the fullest as God intended.


1. Mobilise Asian MKs to be involved in MK Care

2. Encourage and support national MK networks in Asia

3. To be a resource that advocates for the indigenous needs of Asian MKs within Global missions and churches


The International Conferences on MKs (ICMK) in 1984 (Manila), 1987 (Quito), and 1989 (Nairobi) were watersheds in the understanding and care of MKs/TCKs, and indeed a primary catalyst for the whole membercare movement in missions. The focus on MKs/TCKs then was children of missionaries from ‘western/ Old Sending Countries’. It was only at the 1989 conference that recognition was given to the emergence of MKs/TCKs from non-western missionary families.*

‘Whereas God the Holy Spirit has sovereignly raised up a powerful missionary force in the two- thirds world, and they have their own particular family and MK needs, the delegates of ICMK Nairobi recommend naming a task force of ICMK and the WEF Missions Commission to convene a consultation for the two-thirds world missionary family needs.’**

Since the 1980s, the face of global mission has changed dramatically. We are excited to see a tremendous growth in cross-cultural mission in the ‘New Sending Countries’ from Asia, Africa and Latin America. In Asia, the growth is obvious in Korea (from 100 missionaries in 1980 to 20,000 in 2010), yet the growth in countries like India is less well known (India Missions Association increased from 40 mission agencies in 1980 to 210 in 2010 with over 40,000 missionaries)***. The increase in the number of missionaries, at the same time, has brought a sudden dramatic increase in the number of MKs/TCKs from Korea and India and other newly sending countries.

Today, we are a group of Asian MKs who have caught on this vision and are passionate about addressing particular family and MK needs in Asia.

Bowers, Joyce M., ed. Raising Resilient MKs: Resources for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers, 1998.
**“Resolution VII” – Resolution passed by the delegates to ICMK Nairobi, Nov 26-Dec 1, 1989.
***Korean Research Institute for Mission (KRIM), and India Missions Association (IMA).


Rohan is a third-generation Indian MK. His parents worked in India, Thailand & Malaysia. He is a Communications professional based in Vietnam with his wife Pauline and two daughters.


Sky is an MK from Hong Kong. She grew up in Ghana. She is one of the pioneers in setting up summer camps for MKs in Hong Kong. She is the Executive Director of KELY Support Group in Hong Kong, a youth charity that empowers young people to reach their potential. She loves white water rafting, painting,  travelling and spending time with her husband Derek.

Karen is an MK from Hong Kong. She grew up in Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. She was one of the first MKs to return to Hong Kong for her University education and spent her university years sharing the importance of MK care with local Hong Kong churches. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland with her husband.


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