Second Asian MK Consultancy, Chiang Mai

Supporting each other with prayerEleven Asian MKs met in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 22 – 23 April 2012, representing MKs from Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. This first gathering was an outcome of the Asian MK/TCK Planning Forum held in Singapore, September 2011.

Since we only had two full days together, we made the best use of our time. What was special about this time was that each of us got to share our personal stories. It was in these moments that the MKs really identified with one another. As this was a ‘safe’ place for our MKs stories to be unraveled, we also experienced some powerful moments of openness, prayer, forgiveness, and healing.

We also discussed about the needs and challenges of Asian MKs. Through our discussion we were able to come to a consensus statement that (1) outlined the distinctiveness of the Asian MKs in contrast to our Western counterparts, (2) highlighted the keys to successful pre-field preparation, on-field experiences, and re-entry issues, (3) drew attention to what we believe churches, organisations and education personnel need to know with regard to Asian MK care, and (4) stated our proposed strategy moving forward.

Conclusion: We believe that as Asian MKs we have a rich spiritual and cultural inheritance, combined with a wealth of cross-cultural experiences, and that investing in our potentials will enable us to fulfill all God created us to be in this world and in His Kingdom.

[The statement drafted by the delegates, available on demand]


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